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Research is the basis of good policy and decision making. It is the foundation of the provision of appropriate technical solutions to meet peoples needs. Martyn Cooper is an experienced researcher, having lead and undertaken projects large and small for over 25 years. TDP can design research projects for you to answer specific questions. They can build and lead if required multidisciplinary research teams or undertake smaller scale research to address specific issues.

Technical Consultancy

Technology pervades all areas of daily living, education and work. This technology has a huge enabling potential for many disabled people. However where technology is inappropriately designed or introduced it can create barriers for some people with disabilities. TDP are able to offer a range of services to address these issues from requirements capture, expert and user design evaluation to the communication of complex technical issues to non-technical people.


Martyn Cooper took the lead in developing successful funding proposals then managing a number of large scale European Union funded projects. He has been often used by the European Commission as an independent expert in the area of technology for disabled people. In this role he both evaluated project proposals and reviewed ongoing projects.

Accessibility / Usability / UX

Martyn Cooper had overall responsibility for accessibility in the Open University's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) programme; headed the working group developing the OU Web Accessibility Guidelines and has authored various accessibility guidance documents on, for example Maths and other symbolic languages and on document accessibility in Word, PDF and XML. His expertise is a the principles, user needs and guidelines level not at the low level implementation of these in code. He has written online course materials on these areas.

Teaching / Webinars / eLearning

Martyn Cooper is experienced at passing on his expertise in both face-to-face contexts and online. He further has expensive experience of organising workshops and takes great delight in those that bring together disabled people, technical developers and managers/decision makers in seeking to enhance a serve or product or together work towards identifying a "better solution".

Critical Friend

A critical freind is a role that can been very beneficial in a wide range of circumstances. It is usually a person who is considered a full member of a team and they have access to internal discussions of a project or successive drafts an evolving major document. Their role is as a peer-reviewer but from within the team. They can anticipate criticisms and questions that might be raised at, for example, a project review or an evaluation of a business plan, product launch or peer review of a research publication. Martyn cooper has ebnefitted from colleagues undertaking such a role in the past and is keen to offer such a service.

Technology for Disabled People (TDP) is a network of consultants who all have a shared interest in the use of technology to enhance the lives, education and work of disabled people.  Many of the consultants have known each other over many years having undertaken research and delivered support services to disabled people studying at university level.

TDP offers a range of services including research, project management, design for the online experience, design of devices and supply and modification of specialist equipment.

Meet Martyn Cooper and the rest of the TDP team

TDP is in the process of registering as a CIC, a Social Enterprise Company. In practice a CIC is much like any registered company. (However, the directors can take a salary but can't run away with any profits made). There are a few other legal details (Google is your freind here) Martyn Cooper, and the other TDP directors, have an extensive network of contacts nationally and internationally that he can call upon to put together the ideal team to meet the clients needs.
Martyn Cooper

Martyn Cooper

Managing Director and Lead Consultant

Martyn is by background a systems engineer with a B.Sc. in Cybernetics. He has developed extensive expertise in human factors in users interaction with technology. Martyn was a pioneer in the field of Learning Analytics for the benefit of disabled students. He draws heavily on the discipline of Disability Studies. From this he is a proponent of the "Post-Social Model of Disability". This essentially argues we are all disabled just in different ways and to different degrees. His work at the Open University was focused on the intersection of Accessibility, Usability and Pedagogy. *** Outside work his interests are speech radio, books, sport from the sofa, social media, playing online Scrabble and poker, cooking, traditional beers, pubs and restaurant dining.

Graham Gunn

Graham Gunn

Co-director / TDP in Australia

Graham Gunn can help: If you have a.difficult, complex or unusual problem that no-one else has been able to solve effectively; If you are looking for practical solutions that work and that are designed for the real world; If you need someone extraordinary; If you are prepared to pay large numbers OR if you can't afford to pay anything at all; Need a free thinker who can work outside the square; If you need someone who has the runs on the board; If you are looking for a touch of genius
* Need someone who can find and pull together a suitable team of experts (across multiple domains) out of the world's talent pool, specifically tailored for your problem space * If you need someone who is schooled in multiple domains
* If you are caring sharing and you want someone who aligns with your values * If you want someone who understands people and can relate effectively with all kinds of people from all kinds of cultures from any strata of society
* If you are a long term thinker * If you are competent and confident and you value competence
* If the essential essence underlying your business deals is win win win win win (I.e. for each and every interested party)

Andy Heath

Consultant - Specialist in Accessibility Standards

Andy has 18 years experience working in Accessibility Technology Standards. He says "Standards are good for organisations because they can show you *one* way to implement Accessibility rather instead of one hundred ways - and everyone benefits". He currently is an editor of several standards, including two key standards under development in ISO : A code of practice for creating accessible ICT products and services (30071-1), which shows organisations how they can embed accessibility in their processes to produce more accessible products and services (formerly a British Standard) and ISO/IEC User interface accessibility — User Accessibility Needs (29138-1) which gives a starting point for the consideration of User Accessibility needs in the development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products and services. This User Needs described in this standard have application to many systems beyond ICT Andy participates in and is an editor of several other standards, including ISO/IEC 24751: Individualised Adaptability and Accessibility for Learning, Education and Training and others. Andy founded and runs the Accessibility Standards consultancy company Axelrod Access for All, the website for which is at

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Simon Ball

Simon Ball

Board Member - TDP in France

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Ebba Ossiannilssan

Ebba Ossiannilssan

Consultant - TDP in Sweden

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Katharine Jewitt

Education Technology Management Consultant

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Chris Douce

Chris Douce

Staff Tutor for the Open University

(Able to offer some consultancy externally) Chris is an expert on Inclusion in Blended Learning


David Sloan

David Sloan

UX Research Lead, The Paciello Group

Martyn worked with The Paciello Group on a large and complex project to produce a series of online courses on digital accessibility. Martyn was the lead author of a course on Accessible Mathematics, introducing key concepts and practical advice on ensuring that digital math content can be made accessible to people with a range of disabilities. He was a diligent and thoughtful author, and exhibited strong domain knowledge as well as a high level of sensitivity to the technical and social challenges that digital accessibility attempts to address. Martyn worked well independently, while also becoming an important member of our project team during his time with us, and we greatly valued his experience, knowledge and skills in accessibility, technology and online learning.

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History of TDP

History of TDP

History When Martyn Cooper first establish Technology for Disabled People in the early 1990s it was a one person consultancy. After 8 years of being a BBC engineer, he didn’t want to move upwards to Read more…

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